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'Richard from 'elise'' says...
Hi Mike & Sally
would you by any chance have a pone number for custom fit marine? Thanks
Friday 07:32 PM - 10 July 2015
'Ben on Mistress' says...
Happy Birthday Sally!!
Friday 06:48 PM - 29 May 2015
'Gustavo' says...
Ganz symphatischer Wiener, mit seinerSally, die fuer die drinks zeichnet mit Jacky an den Waschmaschinen ergibt ein superteam in entspannter Athmosphaere!
Friday 03:04 PM - 06 February 2015
'Alex and Birgit' says...
Hello Mike and Sally! We hope you are doing well and wish you a happy and healthy new year - see you this summer!
Tuesday 01:45 AM - 30 December 2014
'Dietmar und Martina Mauna Loa ' says...
Hallo nach St Martin
Toll dass es euch gut geht!
Haben das mit eurem Boot gehört, tut uns sehr leid. Bis bald
Wednesday 07:53 PM - 29 October 2014
'Janusz on Wereda' says...
Hi Mike - glad to hear you are OK and sorry that you lost your boat. J&G
Friday 09:15 PM - 17 October 2014
'shrimpys' says...
thanks ben...we r ok , but a lot of people lost yachts that where their homes...incl. darko and hilno
Friday 02:28 AM - 17 October 2014
'Ben on Mistress' says...
Sorry to hear of your loss. Hope you are doing ok.
Thursday 05:25 PM - 16 October 2014
'shrimpys' says...
hi all my friends....gonzalo was a bit of a bastard damaged a lot of boats and sunk our boat "baywood"...thank you all for remembering us ...lotsalov....from Shrimpys and the zoo
Wednesday 02:37 AM - 15 October 2014
'Chris & Nirit "Passepartout's"' says...
News reports say over 20 boats damaged in the storm. Were they all at anchor in the lagoon?
Tuesday 09:24 PM - 14 October 2014
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