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'Skip Spires Defiant' says...
Mike and Sally,
Just a quick msg to thank you for the great dingy repair you did for us.
She is doing nicely and hasn't leaked at all.
We arrived here in Grenada a few days ago.
Thank you so much❤️😎🙏
Monday 04:53 PM - 12 August 2019
'Maia S/Y CHE' says...
Love the atmosphere and friendliness, great place to escape ashore for the weekend....Try it!
Monday 12:28 PM - 11 March 2019
'mike on sparrow' says...
please how can i contact the water delivery men in the lagoon
Thursday 11:39 AM - 09 August 2018
'Dan Walker (sv Estival)' says...
We've heard from Arthur. He's fine and so is Estival
Sunday 03:24 PM - 17 September 2017
'Vicki Burkholder ' says...
Karl is alive and well. Yippee
Wednesday 03:55 PM - 13 September 2017
'Vicki B' says...
Still have heard nothing from Karl on Cochi. Worried sick! Contact me at 425-233-0082
Monday 07:31 PM - 11 September 2017
'Dan Walker (S/V Estival)' says...
We are heartbroken to see the damage to our favorite place. Sally and Mike, we would love to hear how things are going. We are trying to contact Arthur Emslie on Bisquetin, hoping he's okay.
Sunday 10:32 AM - 10 September 2017
'Alex and Birgit' says...
We hope you are both OK in the wake of the storm. Please stay safe and take care of yourselves!
Thursday 11:25 AM - 07 September 2017
'Vicki ' says...
Please help me locate Karl Munzlinger (Karl on Cochi). Moored between Mt. Fortune and the Causeway.
Wednesday 11:57 PM - 06 September 2017
'alex and birgit' says...
nice to hear from you ..hope to see you somtime soon ...lotsalov...mike and sally
Monday 09:03 AM - 25 July 2016
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